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New Construction Townhomes in Greater Metro Atlanta

Atlanta continues to grow in leaps and bounds and so does the number of New Construction Townhome Communities in all price ranges.  Within the map below you will see new construction townhomes “Listed” in the First Multiple Listing Service (FLMS) currently at this time.  Let me know if anything looks interesting.  I would be happy to supply you with additional info, or set up and appointment with the builder and meet you at the community.

In addition to homes listed in FLMS, chances are there are other new townhomes coming available in the same communities.  Also, entire new communities coming soon.   Don’t see what you are looking for?   Tell me more about what you are looking for.  I would be happy to help and make you aware of each of your townhome buying options.

It’s always in your best interests to use your own Realtor when purchasing a newly constructed Home, and it’s free!  A Realtor offering advice to a buyer is known as a “Buyer’s Agent”. I would like to be your Buyer’s Agent.


Why use me as your Buyer's Agent? Click to find out...

Reasons to use me as your Buyer’s Agent when purchasing a new construction Townhome:

1. The onsite agent works for the Builder. The interests of the builder are their first concern!

2. Free detailed comparative sales analysis, including previous sales (closed a minimum of 2 months prior) in the same community. Also, free info on resale homes of a similar nature currently on the market.

3. Free advice in structuring an offer/contract. (No surprises at closing.)

4. Free insights and advice in Negotiating.

5. Free assistance in helping you find the best financing for your new home (It’s not always the Builder’s preferred lender!)

6. Free advice on Lot/Location & upgrade options and how they translate into your future “Resale” sales price. A Seasoned Buyer’s Agent knows what future buyer’s are willing to pay more for. And, items that won’t add value to your new Home.

7. Free experienced advice and assistance in problem solving.

8. Free Leverage. Chances are, I’ll be working with another buyer in the future that will consider purchasing from a specific builder. Builders want me to bring them more buyers! It’s paramount to future sales/communities that I speak highly of them!!! Also, my office contains over 100 agents eager for feedback!

9. Free “experienced extra set of eyes” during construction walk thrus. (I’m not shy about pointing out flaws that need to be corrected!)

10. Your best interests are my best interests! (If I do my job correctly, chances are, I will be your Realtor again during your future Sale/Purchase. I would prefer your purchase be of a variety that has excellent resale potential!!)

11. My services as a Buyers Agent are free to you! (The builder has already set aside a fee for a Realtor to assist you! You won’t get a discount on the sales price for not using a Realtor. Future sales prices & appraisals for financing will be based on the sales price of your home! Homes prices in a new community are supposed to go up and not down!!)

Popular new communities

New Townhomes & Condos on the market

** Note, the search/map below will only show 100 listings at a time. Click the “Modify Search” button next to the map to adjust price range, change listings order viewed from high-low to low-high order, or simply zoom in to see other listings.